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Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

Research Seminars

Tuesday 26th January Revd Dr Harriet A. Harris
(Room TC006b) ‘Philosophy and Prayer’

Thursday 25th February Dr Alan Kirby
(Room TC006b) ‘The Arguable Death of Postmodernism, and Beyond?’

Thursday 25th March Dr David Webster
(Room TC006b) ‘Western Buddhism: The Challenge of Authenticity’ 5pm

All sessions are from 17.30—19.00 and all are welcome, they will be at the FCH Campus (Cheltenham) of the University of Gloucestershire – except the last one (Dave W) which is at 5pm

Harriet A. Harris is Chaplain of Wadham College, Oxford and teaches Theology and Philosophy in the University of Oxford. She has written Fundamentalism and Evangelicals for Oxford University Press, numerous articles on Protestant fundamentalist thought and activity, and some comparative reflections on fundamentalisms across the world faiths

Alan Kirby holds a PhD in English Literature from the University of Exeter. He is a writer and researcher in twentieth-century literature and culture. He has published on subjects including Stephen Poliakoff, John Fowles, spy fiction, and James Joyce. He currently lives in Oxford. Digimodernism (2009) is his most recent book, available from Continuum

David Webster lectures in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics at the University of Gloucestershire. His primary interests are in Theravada Buddhist philosophy (his work The Philosophy of Desire in the Buddhist Pali Canon was published in 2005), and the interface between western and Buddhist philosophy.

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