RPE students present…

As part of their Emergent Spirituality module, level 6 students have been presenting their research on a number of fascinating new spiritual and religious movements and traditions. There was an really interesting session on the New Age and the ways in which it has become part of a vibrant sub culture in the west as well as a mainstream set of traditions in the U.K. Another student spoke about the issues that have arisen since the development of fundamentalist movements among Mormon traditions in the States. There was more when we found out about a new pagan revival in the form Greek Hellenist religion and its huge presence on-line and there was a fascinating insight in to the empowerment offered by the Goddess movement which included some really insightful and personal reflections upon ‘wimmin’hood in contemporary UK society. All of these presentations held students rapt and widened our understanding of the vast and diverse world of contemporary spirituality in the west and beyond.

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