Climate Change, Nationalism, and Yoga in a post-Brexit Semester

We are at the start of the new semester and I am thinking over some of the areas we as Religion, Philosophy and Ethics will be covering.

My favourite module is likely to Emergent Spiritualities which covers a great deal of contemporary stuff. Its underlying approach is to look at the relationship between religion, spirituality and contemporary social movements, so we will be looking at aspects of counter culture, Satanism in Trump’s USA and UFO religion in popular culture.

What is really exciting me though, is the prospect of examining how the new forms of nationalism emerging across Europe and elsewhere are related to ideas of spirituality, land and religious symbolism.

I am also really looking forward to having Theo Wildcroft come in a speak about post lineage and wild yoga but I am really, really looking forward to talking about the religious and spiritual aspects of climate change activism which forms the heart of some of my new research.

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