Devotion in a time of lock down : Steaming Faith.

As the above link suggests, its not only teaching that has gone on line but religion too as we all attempt to negotiate our way through the Coronavirus maze. Funerals, communion, services all on line and the Jalaram Bapa Mandir in Greenford London is no exception. Darsan, or the mutual gaze between devotee and the divine is a central experience for many devotees who follow a diversity of Bhakti or devotional traditions around the world and I have been lucky enough to partake in Darsan with Jalaram Bapa in London, India and New Zealand. Jalaram Bapa was and is a popular Gujarati saint, who lived and performed miracles in the nineteenth century but whose presence and on going miracles are experienced in the here and now. Live streaming of darsan with its imagery and devotional hymns will be playing a major role for many of his devotees in the current lock down….Jai Jalaram.

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