Baha’i at religion Philosophy and Ethics Uni Glos

Students on the religion Philosophy and Ethics degree course at University of Gloucestershire were found themselves immersed in the vast universe of the Baha’i tradition as they spoke to Stephen Vickers an important and extremely knowledgeable spokesperson for the U.K. community. We found out a great deal about the founders Bab and Baha’u’llah  of this extraordinarily interesting tradition as it emerged from the Iranian Shi’a milieu of the mid 1800’s, and as an innovative and egalitarian belief system faced substantial persecution and exile before transforming in to a major religious expression that is truly transnational in nature. Stephen gave us a really in depth and detailed account of the the traditions writings, practices and its sacred architecture as well as pointing out that a member of the Baha’i needs no place of worship. We discussed pilgrimage, social justice and the environment as well as mystical experience and authority. I have to thank Stephen personally as he had every intention of joining us personally but in the end had to present the session from home due to Covid concerns. The students found it an intense and enriching experience…once again, many thanks to Stephen and the entire Baha’i community.

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