Food For All: Krishna monk Parasurama giving prasadam on the Polish Border…

A couple of posts ago I featured a meeting that I had with a Krishna archarya called Para who runs a prasadam food distribution to those who need it in the heart of London. Over the last fortnight he and his team of fellow monks and volunteers have been on the Ukraine Poland border distributing Krishna’s sacred food to those escaping the unfolding horrors of their home country and I have been receiving regular updates and this is what he has written today…’Hare Krishna We cooked very opulent Prasad, make it delicious, as these poor people have spent the whole night attempting to cross the border in sub zero temperatures. I met some people who could not carry their bag any further and had to simply abandon it. Along with the hot meal comes fruit tea, pakora and fruits. A picture is worth a thousand words….
Yours Parasuram das ‘ The said picture is attached, Para’s website is here ( and please watch this, it may lift your spirits in these uncertain times,

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