Onyx Link Interfaith Foundation @ Uni Glos RPE.

This week second year Religion Philosophy and Ethics students hosted Dr Abdalla (OBE) and Prof. Asim from the Onyx Link Interfaith Foundation (https://onyxlinkfoundation.org) based in Newport Wales. In keeping with the overall ethos of the course the object of the session was to examine issues concerning the environmental crisis and related questions of social justice. The foundation is heavily involve in both at a local level in South Wales but also on a global level as its initiatives and programs have a long lasting and wider impact upon society in general. From hate speech to prejudice to environmental injustice, the foundation tackles head on a number of serious that characterise contemporary society with positive, practical and spiritually based solutions and initiatives. They draw upon the teachings, beliefs and practices of a multitude of traditions from Islam to Wicca, Tibetan Buddhism to Orthodox Judaism and bring together a number of spokespersons representing the multi dimensional tapestry of faith and religion in the South Wales region and beyond. This was an excellent opportunity for students to witness how faith, religion and spirituality can contribute to the wider discussion concerning the often turbulent world that we live in, offering real, practical, empathetic and effective solutions in a direct and positive manner.

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