RPE Graduation 2023

Well done to all our students who came out the other end with amazing awards and a really great looking future. In fact the future’s so bright that some of our graduates joined Ben Trubody, senior lecturer in Ethics for a celebratory drink after the ceremony. Here’s what one of our students said about her experience of the last three years:

Religion, Philosophy, and Ethics has been such an insightful course, with some of the most supportive and well-informed lecturers you could wish for. The modules have fascinated me from start to finish while teaching me a lot about myself and my own views, and I couldn’t recommend RPE enough to anyone considering it for their degree. I have used the ethics element of the course to secure rewarding roles within the charity sector, and I am sure I will carry everything I’ve learned through to anything I face in the future. You are given alot of freedom to shape your learning around your own interests, helping to make it engaging throughout. If I could do it all over again, I would in a heartbeat. 

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